Der Kanzler Dr. Wolfgang Kettwig

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The first cancellor of Güstrow was Dr. Wolfgang Ketwig, who became chancellor on January 6 1526. It is not certain where he was from although it is believed that he came from Westphalia. In the book “Seidel’s Bildersammlung verdienter Männer“, Berlin 1751, his picture can be found. According to some historians Ketwig had been doctor and even rector at the University of Padua, Italy. On his return to Germany he became chancellor at the Brandenburg court.

On November 11, 1527 the dukes Heinrich and Albrecht of Meklenburg gave their chancellors Caspar v. Schöneich and Dr. Wolfgang Ketwig parts of the country, namely the estate Ballin, county Stargard and the estate Rosenow in  Stavenhagen. These estates were later sold by Bernd and Joachim v. Ketwig, sons, and Wolfgang v. Ketwig, grandson of chancellor Wolfgang v. Ketwig.

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