Emmo und Ricka KettwigEmmo and Ricka Kettwig

Emmo (Emil) Jürgens Kettwig (1877-1955) oo Ricka Luken

The history of the Kettwig family can be traced back to the year 1572 in Northern Germany where the family originated. Emmo was the son of Haukelena and Jürgen Kettwig, born in Hesel, Ostfriesland, Germany, in 1877. He grew to young manhood there before coming to America. At this time all young men had to serve in the German army, which Emmo and his brothers did not want to do. One brother John C. and sister Irene came before him. They settled at Daws [Dows], Iowa, where they had relatives. Emmo returned to Germany in 1900 to visit his parents and never saw them again. In 1903 he came to South Dakota where he met and married Ricka Luken Nov. 13, 1907. They farmed in the Hazel area. The Kettwigs moved to Watertown [South Dakota, SD] in 1950. Emmo passed away in May, 1955 and is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Seven children were born to Emmo and Ricka:

Florence Helena was born in 1908 and died in 1930 ??. She married Jack McAfee and had one son Jack, born in 1935.

Irene Evangeline (1909-1930) married Fred DeBoer. Both girls are buried in the Hazel Cemetery.

Frances Mable married Milton Holt of Hayti Nov. 22, 1930. They farmed for a short time near Hazel. About 1940 they moved to Brandywine, Md [State of Maryland, MD] and later retired to Avon Park, Fla [State of Florida, FL]. Seven children were born to them: Adeline, Thelma, Phyllis, Milo – killed in a motorcycle accident -, Bonnie, Sidney and Linda.

Herman Raymond married Margaret Lantgen April 20, 1937. They adopted a daughter Donna Jean and raised a foster son Kevin Brist. Herman farmed in the Hazel area until 1978, living most of those years on the land known at the Raum farm southwest of Hazel. He built a new home in Hazel in 1978.

Mable Frances married Oliver Baxter Oct. 14, 1936. They raised three children, Thomas Edson and Theone May, twins and Carol Jane. Mable and Oliver lived in Hazel until 1941 when they purchased the William Barrett farm northeast of Hazel, living there until 1972, when trey moved to rural Watertown building a new home five and one half miles west of the city.

Louise Margaret was married to Edward Fiferlick. They had one daughter, LaVonne. In 1944 she married John Rennia and had one son Alan John. John Rennia passed away in Oct. 1968. Louise married LeRoy Bender Aug. 25, 1975. In 1978 they purchased the Wheel Inn Cafe at Watertown.

Jerry Chris married Elaine Kruthoff of Clark, Aug. 5, 1952. They lived in Clark [SD] and Watertown for a number of years, before moving to Auburn, Wash. [State of Washington, WA]. They raised four daughters, Lori, Deanna, Kathy, and Pam.

Source: Hamlin Historical Committee, Hamlin County, South Dakota – 1878 – 1979, provided by Hans-Georg Boyken

Johann und Anna KettwigJohann and Anna Kettwig

Johann Christian Kettwig (1875-1951) oo Anna M. Luken (1889-1981)

Brother of Emme (Emil) Jürgens Kettwig (1877-?) and Jürgen Harminus Kettwig (1894-1920).
John C. Kettwig was born Oct. 31, 1875 at Hesel, Ostfriesland, Germany. At the age of 15 he came to the United States as an immigrant whose passage was paid by an uncle who already lived in Iowa. In turn, John worked as a farm laborer for him for five years to repay this passage. After farming in Iowa, he came to South Dakota in 1905. He and his brother Emil rented land just on the southern edge of Codington County, South Dakota, three miles north of Hazel. By 1907 he had built a house and farm buildings four miles north and one west of Hazel, presently owned by Earl Paulsen.

On Feb. 22, 1909, he married Anna M. Luken, who was also born in Germany at Langholt in Ostfriesland on Oct. 26, 1890. She is the daughter of Herman and Flora Luken, who also traveled to America, settling at Clarian, Iowa. The Luken family moved to South Dakota in 1907, living on farms in the Hazel vicinity.

John and Anna had farmed only one year when they sold out and purchased the McCormick Deering Implement in Hazel from Lantenschlager. The lived in the house presently owned by Clara Fuerstenau now chosen as the historical site in Hazel.

The first child, Lena, was born on Sept. 1910. They continued in business until the fall of 1913 when they moved to the Herman Abraham farm in Brantford Township. It was here that their second child, Johnny, was born on Nov. 15, 1914. They continued to farm on the Abraham location until the fall of 1918 when they moved onto one quarter section purchased land on which they built a new house and farm buildings. This was also located in Brantford Township, School district 3.On March 29, 1919, a third child, Harwey, was born. He lived only 16 months, dying of a mastoid infection. On May 1, 1929, a fourth child, Doris, was born. All the children attended Brantford 3 grade school, where John was a member of the school board for 25 years.

The family were members of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church for many years. The family continued farming on the same location through the depression and dry years on through World War II days, each  family members was married. On Jan. 23, 1951, John C. passed away. Anna remained on the farm for another 10 years. She moved to her present location, the former Cottrell house in Hazel. She is a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Henry.

At this writing the family includes Anna, the three living children and their spouses, 12 living grandchildren and their spouses, 18 great-grandchildren, one of whom it married, and two great-great-grandchildren.”

Source: Geschichte von Hamlin County, South Dakota – 1878-1979. provided by Hans-Georg Boyken