Dick Kettwig (travelling 1906)

Dick (Dirk) Kettwig travelled on the Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen to New York from January 9-17 1906. He must have been on a short visit to his home country and was now on the way back to his wife in Lennox, South Dakota, where they had been living since 1882. Continue reading Dick Kettwig (travelling 1906)

George C. Kettwig (travelling 1898)

On 24 Feb 1898 the US-citizen George C. Kettwig of Terre Haute, Indiana arrived at New York. He was 33 years of age and married and had boarded the ship “Trave” in Bremen.

I’m still searching for more information on George!


Photograph of the TRAVE after her 1896/97 rebuild. Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia. Source: Arnold Kludas, Die Seeschiffe des Norddeutschen Lloyd, Bd. 1: 1857 bis 1919 (Herford: Koehler, c1991), p. 35.