Kettwig Family History

It was probably in the year 1995 when I started to play around with genealogy, trying out the first basic software at that time. Over the years I have gathered a great amount of information, mainly data of deceased people who were somehow connected to different Kettwig families. Truth is that I have not done anything genealogy related in many years and I am aware of the fact that some information on my digital family tree is not as well researched as I would like it to be and in some cases even contains false family connections. I can’t say what the future might bring, but I don’t really see myself spending much of my free time online anymore. I much rather engage in outdoor sports such as rock climbing, hiking, skitouring, snowshoeing, etc. In other words, this Kettwig family history (website) is history now.

I won’t add any new genealogy related content in the forseeable future. The online family tree will stay online for now, but invisible to the public. If you are looking for information on any part of the family you can contact me via this website and I’ll get back to you if I can help out with information. I might even grant you (limited) access to my gedcom-file provided you are willing to share personal data with me as well.

Best wishes for the new year 2019 and may God bless you!
Yours, Jens Kettwig