Harm and Minnie Kettwig (travelling 1909)

Harm Kettwig (1844-1930) oo Harmina “Minnie” Rave (1847-1942)

Born on 26 Jan 1844 in Ostfriesland, Germany, Harm Kettwig moved to the USA before the year 1865, the year in which he married Harmina “Minnie” Rave in New York. They had 11 (?) children. He was a sailor prior to his immigration, but started farming in Pekin, Illinois.

Being already in their sixties and living as US citizens in Parkersburg, Iowa, Harm (64) and Minnie (62) returned from a visit to their homeland on the steamer “Kronprinzessin Cecilie” from Bremen to New York, where they arrived on 7 Sep 1909. Continue reading Harm and Minnie Kettwig (travelling 1909)