Uffe and Gesche Kettwig (travelling 1871)

Uffe Kettwig and his wife Gesche (Schlömer) from Rorichmoor, Ostfriesland, came from Bremen to New York on 15 April 1871. The sailor Uffe was 28 years old, Gesche 20. They were accompanied by Gesches brother Christian Schlömer, aged 16. In the passenger list of the SS Rhein, the surname is still spelled with “g”. All more recent documents write “Kettwich”.

Christian came with them, but later returned to Germany. Another brother, Carl, came to America in 1870, stayed here and is buried near Uffe and Gesche at St. Petri’s Lutheran Cemetery, Flanagan, Il. Here is the information as documented by Shirley Kettwich Lutomski.

Grandmother Kettwich had an older brother, Carl Schlomer, who emigrated to America on to California in 1870. He left California with them in 1873. (I remember him living with Grandma and Grandpa Kettwich and he was a carpenter. Always kept his tools locked up in the barn when they lived in Flanagan.-Kathryn Kettwich Thayer.)
Grandmother’s two younger brothers were Henry and Christian Schlomer. Christian came to America but went back to live in Germany. A younger, sister, Angelina remained in Germany. Her father was a carpenter and also owned a small farm.

(Thanks to Sue Kettwich Bruch for the information!)

The RHEIN in front of the Lloyd Wartehalle, built in 1869 at the Neuer Hafen, Bremerhaven. Source: Clas Broder Hansen, Passenger liners from Germany, 1816-1990, translated from the German by Edward Force (West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Pub., c1991), p. 27.